While growing up in the super weed-friendly city of Vancouver, I waited years to realize my true calling of becoming HRH – “Her Royal HIGHness” :).

I prepared by becoming a lawyer then an executive at the BC government alcohol & cannabis distributor as well as at a multi-national cannabis company. 

During this time, I kept looking in the market for products that were both full-spectrum and tasted great. When I couldn’t find any, I decided to to make my own. 

Zyre’s all-ceramic flavoured cured resin vapes are exactly what I would want and I hope you feel the same. To make it simple, we use a choose your vibe, choose your Flavour approach so you know what you’re going to get each and every time you choose Zyre. 

Thanks for supporting my little cannabis company that could. It’s genuinely appreciated.

Founder & CEO


We believe that balance is important and set boundaries to value the hustle and our mental health.

We respect and welcome diverse voices and ways of thinking. Our company is BIPOC woman-led.