3 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Someone Who Wants To Try Cannabis

Christmas is almost here and lots of us are still shopping for gifts for our friends. The cannabis industry has come a long way in Canada and today we can actually get some friends cannabis-friendly gifts for occasions such as the holiday season. However, what does all this mean for the occasional cannabis user? 

According to the US Cannabis Consumer Trends Report, first-time cannabis use is surging among women and Gen-z. Many use it as an alternative to alcohol for get togethers or just unwinding after a long day. With this in mind, here are 5 Christmas gift ideas for the occasional cannabis user:

1. A Relaxation Box of Goodies

Nothing speaks to the occasional cannabis user like self-care and relaxation. In fact, if they’re an occasional user, it’s because they’re using it to take their mind off things. You could put together a quick gift box including a few relaxation goodies. Begin with a few bath bombs for those nights in after a long day along with a body care gift set. Add Zyre’s Recline 1.0 for some relaxed and chill vibes. Finish off with local icon The Dumpling King’s handmade dumplings, a movie rental, and some Proxie non-alcoholic wines for the ultimate night-in. 

2. A fitness and self-care package

For the friend that’s taking care of themselves, this is a good mix of goodies to continue their motivation while also focusing on their mental health. Get them that much needed calmness for 2023 with a bag of CBD goodies. Start off with ufeelu’s calm drops, designed for any time use. With a blend of CBD, CBG, sunflower oil and botanical terpenes, it’s the perfect calm formulation for the CBD user. Add a fitness tracker journal or a gratitude journal as well to help them track their fitness and mental journey. Finally, finish off the package with Zyre’s Spotlight 1.0 to motivate them to continue focusing on their self-care journey in 2023. 

3. Zyre Vapes

Keep it simple by choosing the vibe and flavour with Zyre. Going for a night out? Easy, get Launch 1.0. Looking for a relaxed night in? Get Recline 1.0. Looking to focus while playing some video games or baking holiday treats? Get them Spotlight 1.0. Easy peasy! And if you get your vapes from select stores, you might end up getting a cool limited edition DIY gift bag. That saves you from wrapping up a small but meaningful gift! The best part? Our vapes have long-lasting effects with many draws – more than enough to give your friend a long-lasting good Zyre vibe well past the new year. You might even want to get them all 3 to wish them all the good vibes for 2023! 

These are all ideas for your occasional cannabis user. If you want you can mix and match because for the perfect blend of vibes for any mood or occasion!